Chronic Laminitis

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DATE: September 5, 2019

CLINICIAN: Andrea Baldwin, Clinical Herbalist

CASE DESCRIPTION: Chronic Laminitis

PATIENT INFORMATION: Charm – mare, AMHR, 9 years old


Transdermal CO2 was used as a primary and adjunctive treatment for chronic laminitis after many other treatments offered little benefit. Within the first week of treatment less bruising was visible on the hoof wall, her willingness to leave the stall, explore her pasture with boots on were visibly better as was the tension in her back. Each treatment has shown improvement in her movement and reduction in pain. Before treatments she did not willingly leave her stall and laid down most of the time. She is now up more than down. The transdermal CO2 has made a major positive impact on this little mare’s well-being.


July 2019 – Chronic laminitis, unable to walk without extreme pain for two years. She has had regular radiographs taken and her hoof trim has been adjusted numerous times. Transdermal CO2 treatments started on July 22, 2019 and were performed on both legs for 20 minutes each time. She looked brighter and more interested in her surroundings after the first treatment. Each treatment reduced pain, improved her demeanor and she became more willing to explore her pasture. 

August 2019 – She has had significant generalized muscle and body pain due to her difficulty in moving. Her body pain continued to reduce through August. She has trotted on her own in the pasture and stands at the door of her stall ready to see the world every morning. The changes in her have been astounding. 


She was already being given herbals for pain and to improve circulation, along with herbals for chronic lyme. No changes were made. After the first treatment she looked brighter and after each subsequent treatment she improved. By the end of the first week she was rattling the stall door to go out. In the past she did not go out willingly and had to be carefully led. Her progress continues to be positive. 

Improvements in circulation and oxygenation to the tissue that transdermal CO2 provides clearly has improved the quality of life for this little mare. 


Transdermal CO2 is a valuable addition to chronic laminitis treatment with a marked decrease in pain and visible improvements in the overall wellness of the horse.