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Airjector•Vet Device

The world’s only portable device for transdermal treatment of medical conditions in animals.

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For the safe, portable and controllable administration of transdermal medical gases.

Noninvasive, painless and easy to use.

It can be used in the hospital, the barn, the paddock or the pasture.

Cardiox USP Carbon Dioxide Capsules

USP Pharmacopeia grade CO2, manufactured in FDA registered and approved medical gas facilities in accordance with FDA regulations, to ensure the highest quality , purity and consistency.


Cardiox CO2

Clinical studies clearly demonstrate that elevated levels of CO2:

• Increases tissue blood flow and oxygenation
• Modulates the detrimental effects of hypoxia
• Regulates inflammation by reversing NF-kappa-B
•Acts as an anti-oxidant against reactive oxygen species



Leg covers are recommended for soft tissue injuries, arthritis, inflammation and wounds.


Canine Large Leg AirCover

For treating large dogs (over 50 pounds)

AJV Canine Medium Leg Cover2.jpg

Canine Medium Leg AirCover

For treating medium sized dogs (up to 50 pounds)

AJV Equine Full Leg Front (1).jpg

Equine Full Leg Cover

For soft tissue injuries, foot injuries, wounds and recovery from training and exercise.

AJV Equine Leg Cuff Front (1).jpg

Equine Cuff

Open at both ends

AJV Equine Lower Leg Front (1).jpg

Equine Lower Leg Cover

For soft tissue injuries and wounds of the lower leg

AJV Equine Triangle Chest 2 (1).jpg

Triangle Cover

For treating radiation treatment sites and wounds on the body, neck and head.